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Breast Pads - Heavy Absorbency
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13 in Stock!
Customizable: $6.99-$8.99

Price: $8.99 $6.02


Heavy absorbency breast pads.

Skin is dry and soothed by the soft white microfleece layer against the skin which wicks away moisture. Great absorbency with two layers of 500gsm bamboo fleece core. Grips onto the bra and is water resistant thanks to the soft patterned minky outer provides which keeps wetness in the core.

Approx 12cm diameter.

Perfect for those with strong let-downs, in the early days of milk coming in, and overnight.  Soft, flexible fabrics keep you feeling comfortable and dry, whilst soothing those overworked nipples.

Your breasts are working hard, give them the luxury they deserve!

Please note all sales are subject to my terms of sale.

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Breast Pads - Heavy Absorbency
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