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Ponies Training Pants - 2 Pack
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1 in Stock!

Price: $37.00
Always Need More Clean Undies

You always need more undies when it is cold outside so this is a great addition to when you are toilet training in the cold months when drying takes longer.

This duo of trainers features cotton Lycra outer and lined with cotton outer giving them great stretch and comfort. 
Soft cotton lycra waist and leg bands for added comfort and easy to pull up for growing independence.
Two layers of Bamboo fleece help to capture those small accidents as children learn to recognise the signals.

Size: Large Elysium Trainer
Fit: Waist Approx - 18"
Thigh Approx - 11"
Rise Approx - 17"

Fit clothing size - 4-5

*This Duo are not designed to contain larger accidents. These do not have a water resistant layer. 

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