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What is The Handcrafted Nappy Connection?

The Handcrafted Nappy Connection is your one stop nappy shop. For people who are looking for gorgeous, quality handcrafted nappies it has historically been a matter of trawling through many many separate websites and facebook pages to find a nappy you like, to work out which are reputable registered businesses and also to find a business with nappies in stock. Now you have a one stop shop, a place to buy in stock nappies and also a comprehensive directory of Registered Australian Handcrafted Nappy Brands. You can shop here on our website or go directly to a sellers own site, you will find all the info and links you need, right here.

You can shop at your leisure, any time, without having to wait for a stocking - every product listed on this site is in stock, ready to ship.


Why buy Handcrafted?

Handcrafted nappies, lovingly made by Work At Home Mums (WAHMS) are works of art! The time and effort that goes into making your handcrafted nappy is evident the moment you lay your hands on it. Generally WAHMS use high quality materials and pay extra attention to detail, taking great pride in their work. Handcrafted nappies are made stitch by loving stitch with particular attention to detail. The quality is unsurpassed.

As production is in lower quanities, handcrafted nappies are up to the minute on trend.  Makers can adjust to the markets wishes and desisres on a day to day basis. Each WAHM adds their own unique touches to their nappies so no matter what your style is, you will find a WAHM who will be offering what you need and your little one will always have the trendiest fluffy bum in town. 

As handcrafted nappies are made to a multitude of different patterns you will always be able to find something to fit your chubby thighed skinny waisted 2 year old, or your skinny legged, no booty, pot bellied 9 month old - there will be something out there for you.

All vendors on the Handcrafted nappy connection are Australian so by supporting your local artisans, not only are you supporting an ethical small business, you are keeping your money in Australia.  In a business that is very much about environmental sustainability, economic sustainability is so very important also.  Not to mention the warm fuzzies that come from supporting a Mum to work from home for her family.

Nappy Categories

Workhorse - a plain, unembellished nappy (no less cute though) that is perfect for every day wear

Pretty - a nappy with some kind of embroidery, applique or embellishment for something a little extra special

Night Nappy - are made with extra boosting to absorb a whole night of wees

Other Nappies - including listings for fitted nappies and hybrids.  A more natural option if you prefer a nappy without PUL 


Customs are not listed on The Handcrafted Nappy Connection but if you are particularly keen to get your hands on a personalised custom nappy please check out our Open For Customs page. This page lists makers who are currently taking custom orders, which will save you sending a heap of emails and getting a heap of no answers. You can deal directly with the maker regarding your order and payment.

Please note that The Handcrafted Nappy Connection takes no responsibility regarding custom orders


It is a condition of membership to The Handcrafted Nappy Connection that all makers are Registered Businesses and accept PayPal as a payment method.

The Handcrafted Nappy Connection will accept no responsibility regarding any payment disputes, the transaction is between buyer and vendor only. We suggest you take advantage of PayPal's buyer protection, please keep in mind that Paypal has time limits for claims to be made and make sure that you make any claims within that time. In accordance with PayPal terms and conditions no vendor should charge extra for a customer to use PayPal, please contact admin if this has occured.

Some vendors may offer direct debit as a payment option, payments by direct debit are at your own risk


All products listed on The Handcrafted Nappy Connection will have the shipping costs detailed on the listing. Shipping for products purchased from multiple vendors will incur shipping costs from each store and CANNOT be combined as most often the vendors do not live in close proximity of each other. Please keep shipping costs in mind when buying from multiple vendors.

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