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Believe in Yourself - Size 2
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1 in Stock!

Price: $47.00
Believe in yourself


This cute Modern Cloth Nappy has been made from 

Silver OOP Avlyn Minky with a 
‘Believe in Yourself’ machine embroidery 
with a cute Nessie, Unicorn and Big Foot.

Inner is mauve microfleece.   Boosting is bamboo.  This nappy is an AI2.
Consisting of bamboo in the body of the nappy and then a bamboo fold over booster
allowing you to customise your boosting to front or back.   This nappy dries quickly 
for use in all weather.

Standard AI2 construction.
Sized to fit 8.5 - 16.5 kg, rise 47cm, Thigh 28 - 39cm, Waist 44 - 57cm

Flat rate of postage $10

Any questions please email us at

You can find us at for custom orders or 

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