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Cloth Menstrual Pad - Medium Absorbency - Grimm Forest (Trees)
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1 in Stock!

Price: $12.99

Medium absorbency cloth menstrual pad in a stunning classic Grimm inspired print.

Suitable for light to medium flow days / nights.

One layer of minky to provide grip and prevent slipping, one layer of polyurethane laminate (PUL) waterproof backing to prevent leakage, two layers of heavy bamboo fleece for a medium level of absorbency, topped with soft microfleece.

The microfleece topping wicks moisture to the absorbent levels below for that stay dry feeling, and is stain resistant for easy washing.  The decorative stitching on the microfleece topper creates channels to direct flow towards the centre, helping to prevent leakage. The pink colour on the decorative stitching indicates a Super Absorbency pad, making it easy to pick the absorbency you need with a glance.

The tapered wings help prevent twisting during wear, and snap firmly underneath to keep the pad securely in place.  The pads fold neatly into a small parcel for discreet storage before use and to contain mess after use, making these ideal for keeping in a handbag, school bag etc when on the go.

At 24cm (9.5 inches) long, they keep you covered without that uncomfortable surfboard feeling.

Treat yourself to a stack and make that time of the month a little more comfortable.

Don't see a design you love? I can custom make, just send a custom request form to discuss available designs and turnaround times.

Please note all orders are subject to my terms of sale.

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