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Heavy Wetter Sandman Night Nappy
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5 in Stock!

Price: $41.95

WHAT is the SANDMAN NIGHT NAPPY?  Voted Australia's Favourite Night Nappy in many Cloth Nappy Awards the tried and tested over time SHP "Sandman" Bamboo Night Nappy proudly made by us at SHP is designed specifically for longer night time wear. The outer is comprised of  layers of Bamboo/Organic cotton fleece  and an inner of soft microfleece. It is extremely absorbent whilst being one of the most comfortable night nappies available. This is our heavy wetter option. We also do patterned versions.

The doubled booster,  is the real 'nappy' part of the Sandman. It is made of layers of Bamboo/OC fleece and microfibre and it's SUPER absorbent. The fold closest to baby's bottom is topped in microfleece for that stay dry feeling. There is also a mini booster included. Care Instructions are included with the product. Sandmans can be used as a day nappy, a versatile option and many choose to use the patterned versions we offer for this option.

To sum up, this nappy is super absorbent,  relatively trim and will be an important asset, as it will be used regularly, and works even more effectively when teamed with a recommended wool soaker overnight especially if bub is an extra heavy wetter We cater to the big weeing end of town so extra absorbency can be tailored if bub is a very big wetter. Economical also, this Large size as it fits approximately 9-15kg-  which is most of your Baby's nappy lifetime.

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